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Hot Stone Massage

Release muscle tension and relieve muscle stiffness using the power of heat.

  • 50 minuti
  • 90 euro
  • Centro Benessere Ninfea

Descrizione del servizio

The Hot Stone Massage is not practiced with just any rock but a smooth basalt stone is used, a lava stone which has the characteristic of being able to retain heat inside it for a relatively long period of time and to gradually release it skin contact. These stones are then heated in a special burner or in a bain-marie until they reach a temperature of about 60°-70°C. They are then dried and placed on the body, in particular on the spine, in correspondence with the 7 Chakras or on particular painful areas to be treated, where they are slid through the use of vegetable oils combined with essential oils, which release the their active ingredients thanks to the heat of the stones.

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