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Cervical Decontracting Massage

The decontracting massage for the neck is a panacea for anyone suffering from neck pain.

  • 25 minuti
  • 45 euro
  • Centro Benessere Ninfea

Descrizione del servizio

Benefit of a neck decontracting massage is double: in therapeutic terms, it dissolves contractures and decompresses the vertebrae, while emotionally it helps to ease tensions and stiffness caused by stress, reharmonizing the whole body with a pleasant sensation of well-being. A good cervical and neck massage involves a sequence of manipulations that only expert hands can perform, starting with the "detachment" of the tissues: an operation which, by acting on the fibers of the connective tissue of the muscles, reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation. The methods of carrying out the treatment with open hands are mainly based on the manual ability to make the pressure exerted with the hands on the inflamed portion of the body effective, easing tension and dissolving contractures; without forgetting that the acupressure movement favors the elimination of toxins and excess liquids and acts positively on the skin tissue, restoring an improved oxygen supply to the body and skin tissues. relaxation and lymphatic drainage action finger pressure percussion maneuvers quick and light rubs.

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