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Decontracting Massage

Designed to relieve general tiredness due to accumulation of metabolites.

  • 25 minuti
  • 45 euro
  • Centro Benessere Ninfea

Descrizione del servizio

The decontracting massage is a method born for athletes and sportsmen, but over time aimed at all those subjects who, due to postural, emotional or/or incorrect habits, have localized or generalized muscle stiffness. What is a contracture? Involuntary, persistent and painful contraction of one or more muscles. The muscle involved is stiff and the hypertonia of the muscle fibers is perceptible to the touch. When a muscle contracts, it shortens, limiting the extent of the extension of our movements, causing tension and therefore painful stiffness. The contracture is in itself a defensive act that arises when the muscle tissue is solicited beyond its limit. Stiffness and pain are sensations that everyone has experienced at least once in their life. Contracture can be caused by: Insufficient warm-up during or after sporting activity Excessive muscle contractions and spasms postural defects Stress

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