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Relaxing Massage

Soft and sweet movements to allow yourself a moment of total relax.

  • 25 minuti
  • 40 euro
  • Centro Benessere Ninfea

Descrizione del servizio

This massage helps the body to solicit the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing a natural energy rebalancing. Reduces stress by stimulating muscles and blood circulation. Not only shoulders, neck and back are taken into consideration, but also arms, legs, feet and face. Without a doubt, this relaxing treatment represents a real ally to stop the stressful effects of the increasingly frenetic rhythms and commitments of our days. To get the best results from this relaxing treatment it is very important to prepare yourself with the right Mind-set. This treatment does not work specifically on contractures and any injuries of the body. The real focus in this ritual is to pamper the client, transporting him gently away from the stress and frenzy of his days. It serves to appease the laborious mental buzz that distracts us from the feeling of peace that we are so looking for.

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